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Belated Book Birthday!

Don't be sad Darcy! I'll make it up to you!

Don’t be sad Darcy! I’ll make it up to you!

So, bad book mommy that I am, I totally missed Tears of a Clown‘s first book birthday back on July 15th. How shameful of me. Poor Darcy was probably expecting balloons and a cake baked in the Kitchen Of Love.   What should I do to make it up to her?  Should I do a giveaway (keep in mind I cannot get rafflecopter to work here  for some reason…)? Should I lower the price for a bit? Should I offer a critique of the first 5 pages of someone’s WIP?

You guys tell me what you’d be interested in and I’ll work in some little extras along the way!

Let’s get ready to party!belated birthday