So just who is MB Mulhall?

She is an author and a budding photographer. When she’s not pecking away at her keyboard or looking at the world up close through her lens, she’s got her nose stuck in a book.  A Jersey girl, born and bred, she spends much of her time scouring the boardwalks for images to capture and conversations to overhear. MB dreams of filling bookshelves with her own work  and of plastering her walls with photographs she’s taken from places around the world.

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  1. Loved the book! Had a hard time leaving the book and it ended in a different way than I was expecting! Can’t wait to read the next book!!

    And yay I found a new author to add to my growing book list 😀

    • Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Hopefully the sequel will be out before the end of the year and my next book, Tears of a Clown, should be out this summer! 🙂

  2. MB, we miscommunicated–I had Starbucks to myself tonight (8/4)–no problem, since I was reasonably productive. But I missed you!

    • Oooh no! I’m sorry! While I am there many a Saturday, it’s not always. We’ll have to touch base weekly and see what’s up.

      I’m glad you were productive but sorry to miss you!

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