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Life Imitates Art


My kind friend and fellow author, Bobby Mathews, recently linked me to an article stating “life imitates (your) art”.  I was surprised to see it was a story of a New Jersey high school senior, wrestling champ, that recently came out during his college scouting tour.

While the article doesn’t give me a whole lot of insight into Alec Donovan’s inner thoughts and struggles to compare to Ian, it does state that he was suicidal at a time, showing me that they may have had a lot of the same concerns and fears. Thankfully, Alec was helped past his dark times by a good, non-judgmental friend.

His story and Ian’s may have a lot more in common than the surface items. I hope he didn’t abuse his body with binge and purge or starvation. I hope his family was accepting and supportive of his life choices and decisions.  I hope he wasn’t given a hard time by teammates or school peers.

I’m always impressed with the courage it takes for someone to come out, especially when it’s an athlete in a sport where they have had to hide themselves for years. I wish the best for Alec and his future and I’m going to try to get a copy of Heavyweight to him, not only because he may find some solace in the fact that there is someone to relate to, even if that someone is fictional, but because we’re practically neighbors! Maybe he’s even seen the book in the local libraries.

Check out Alec’s story