Write What You Love


loveYou typically hear “write what you know” which isn’t bad advice but seems to hold writers back in my opinion. Stretch those creative limbs and write a male character if you’re female, write about sports if you’ve never played, etc. I’d prefer to see authors write about what they love, whether it’s romance, horror, high school comedy, etc. If you are writing about a subject you love, or feel otherwise strongly about, I think it comes across in the story telling.  When you try to write on a topic you’re not feeling, writing can seem stilted or drag on because you’re not really enthusiastic about it. The reader will know.

I’ve also heard, sadly often from other authors, down talk about writing in certain genres. Romance is beneath them. Young adult even more so. Erotica? Trash anyone can write. Not everyone wants to write the next great American novel and there’s nothing wrong with that. A good story is a good story regardless of who the intended audience is. Don’t let anyone put down your genre! Write what you love. Your great story is going to win over readers even if it’s not something that will become a classic years from now.

Write to entertain. Write to inform. Write what you’re passionate about.

Do you write about what you love or what you think others want to see?


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