Book to Movie Adaptation: 50 Shades


Today marks the debut of the first trailer for the (much?) anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie.  Looks like it could be pretty steamy.  As someone who read the books, I’ll probably check out the movie just to see  if the movie translates better than the not so stellar writing of the series (Will movie Ana continue to talk about “down there”?).

Here’s the thing though, even with all the success of the books, I have a feeling the movie is not going to be as well received.  When reading the books, ladies of all walks of life could do so in the privacy of their own bedrooms, bath tubs, etc. never needing to let the public know that they were engrossed by the somewhat steamy stories. To walk into a theatre and buy a ticket, sit in public and possible squirm at the sexy parts will be a whole different experience.

While I don’t particularly care if the movie is a big success or not, I hope these shyer women will get out and see it and not be concerned about what others might think of them.  If they have no shame in enjoying the book and could discuss it with friends, hopefully they can/will get out and enjoy it on the big screen. Maybe make it a group “date” with other lady friends who might be embarrassed to go see it alone.  A ladies night out for all sorts. Make it fun. Live it up. Celebrate sexuality! But uhhh…ya know, keep it legal in public, ya know? 😀

Will you be going to see 50 Shades in the theatre?

Here’s the trailer for those who have yet to see it:


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