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Book to Movie Adaptation: 50 Shades


Today marks the debut of the first trailer for the (much?) anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie.  Looks like it could be pretty steamy.  As someone who read the books, I’ll probably check out the movie just to see  if the movie translates better than the not so stellar writing of the series (Will movie Ana continue to talk about “down there”?).

Here’s the thing though, even with all the success of the books, I have a feeling the movie is not going to be as well received.  When reading the books, ladies of all walks of life could do so in the privacy of their own bedrooms, bath tubs, etc. never needing to let the public know that they were engrossed by the somewhat steamy stories. To walk into a theatre and buy a ticket, sit in public and possible squirm at the sexy parts will be a whole different experience.

While I don’t particularly care if the movie is a big success or not, I hope these shyer women will get out and see it and not be concerned about what others might think of them.  If they have no shame in enjoying the book and could discuss it with friends, hopefully they can/will get out and enjoy it on the big screen. Maybe make it a group “date” with other lady friends who might be embarrassed to go see it alone.  A ladies night out for all sorts. Make it fun. Live it up. Celebrate sexuality! But uhhh…ya know, keep it legal in public, ya know? 😀

Will you be going to see 50 Shades in the theatre?

Here’s the trailer for those who have yet to see it:


The Absence of Time


Funny how there are twenty four looong hours in a day, but you still seem to be wishing for more so you can get things done.  Also, why do some hours move quick while others seem to drag on to eternity? A common conundrum I suppose, but I still wonder where much of my time goes when I realize I haven’t blogged or written or even been able to read much.

It’s been a while since I’ve been “here”, but life has been hectic and blog ideas have been scarce. I know it’s no excuse when I could be doing some research or finishing books to review, but I have to admit that I’d been putting “real” life ahead of reading and writing lately. Sorry!

I’ve missed this though and will try to get back on schedule even though life is still quite bumpy and those hours haven’t multiplied. I suppose I could try for less sleep and more writing. Maybe middle of the night writing!

So perhaps you’re wondering what’s kept me so busy lately (or maybe you don’t really care, but I’m going to tell anyway…)

Pwease hoomin, no more baffs!

Pwease hoomin, no more baffs!

Welp, firstly, we got a new pet and we’re kind of obsessed with her. Meet Princess Puck, the African Pygmy Hedgehog. She’s so awesome she even has her own Facebook page and Tumblr (we’re ridiculous and we know it…)






Then there was a trip to Florida to spend time with my parents. Sadly, my father is not doing well

We did get this cute shot together during a walk on the beach though.

We did get this cute shot together during a walk on the beach though.

and family is important.  It meant a lot to be able to spend the time with them even if it meant taking a break from writing (I did have my laptop with me, but decided whatever I produced down there would probably end up being cut in the end as I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it.).



Epcot says this will be us in the future!

Epcot says this will be us in the future!


The folks were super nice and gifted us a day at a park of our choice (the boy had never been to FL let alone a Disney park!) so we opted for Epcot since we figured we could get through most of it in a day, unlike some of the other parks.  It was fun but GAH! Sooooo hot!





Once we got back from that trip, we each spent some time at work and then took a quick little get 

IMG_3782away to Atlantic City (which, as it turns out, is closing a bunch of its casinos by the end of summer!).  That was good fun too considering I actually won some money! Yay!


We have one more quick summer adventure coming up next month, but we’ve finally settled in a little more in the new place and I’m back at my writing group and, I promise, I’ve been working on Driven a bit. I may have to pencil in writing time and turn down some invitations, but it will get done and I’ll be more available in the digital world (Twitter misses me, I know).

How do you guys handle busy summertime plans and writing?

The Possibilities of Transformation


You have probably heard of a lot of  books being transformed into movies, which is a great thing, but it’s not the only possible transformation your stories can take. There are several great series out there that are also being turned into gorgeous graphic novels. The stories are the same but you get to see your favorite characters turned into visual works of art.

MMMA good friend of mine, writer and artist, Sasha Raught is in the process of doing just this, changing one of his great short stories into a graphic novel series and needs the help of Kickstarter (and you!) to get it going.

You may have recognized his name from the acknowledgement page in Heavyweight.  I met Sasha years ago at a a NaNoWriMo write in I set up when I moved back to Jersey.  He came to every write in and we clicked as writing partners and decided to continue to meet after NaNo was over.  He introduced me to the writing group I’ve belonged to for the past several years and he’s always around to offer opinions, advice and encouragement. Sasha is not only an amazingly creative and entertaining author, but a fantastic artist whose work deserves to be out there more than it already is.

While his Kickstarter video will tell you, it’s not his first time in the sandbox, it is his first time to be working for himself (so to speak) rather than doing the work others are asking of him.  He has free reign for concept, design, story, etc. but he needs YOUR help to get this amazing story out there to the masses.

Here’s some info on the project.  If it strikes your interest, please stop by Sasha’s Kickstarter page (click HERE!) and consider donating to the help this great piece of graphic literature  get out into the world.

“Aurturio Benerzini and the Three Impossible Tasks is a 120 to 130 page B&W and half tone illustrated graphic novel. It is the adaptation of a short novel that I wrote a number of years ago. The story itself is a faerie tale type story, much in the tradition of Sinbad and Aladdin. It takes place in ancient Arabia and is written in a style similar to the Arabian Nights, but with more startling and surprising twists.”