Bookcon Here I Come!


BookCon_2014_logo_low-resSome of you may remember that I was able to attend BEA (Book Expo America) last year on their Power Reader day.  My lovely friend, Tiffany, and I got to attend a great panel with Mr. Neil Gaiman as well as book club speed dating.  We came back with tons of loot (I still have books to read!).

When I looked up the info this year, I found they decided to do away with the Power Reader idea in exchange for Bookcon, which is being run more like a convention. Of course I decided I had to be there!  There are tons of great panels going on as well as autograph sessions. We are hoping to get into the Epic Storytelling panel with Holly Black, Cassandra Clare and (extra squee!) Maggie Stiefvater as well as the Fault in Our Stars movie panel with the amazing John Green.

I’m planning on Tweeting and updating during the day (so long as I have a decent connection. Last yr it was spotty) so be sure follow along with me (MBMulhall) and I’ll be sure to post something about the experience next week as well!


Are you planning on attending this year?

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