Tuesday Teaser – Driven


It’s been a while since I’ve shared a teaser with you guys, so I thought I’d share a little of my current project with you. It’s slow going but it’s getting done. As usual, it’s unedited at this point, so be kind with any typos or grammatical issues.

Here’s a taste, just to whet your whistle!


The quick rising, breath-stealing frigid water in the drainage tunnel should probably have concerned him, especially since he didn’t know how to swim, but Oliver felt it was karma finally coming to exact its revenge. Others would argue he didn’t deserve it, but he felt it was long overdue.  Sure he had suffered in different ways over the years, but not in any one way that lived up to his guilt or equaled the horrendousness of his crime.  They were just the precursor, the appetizer so to speak, to the main course.

Coldness, like he couldn’t have imagined, seeped into his bones, seemingly bypassing the barriers of his clothing and skin.  It wrapped itself around the calcium laced supports and settled in the very marrow, spreading from extremity to extremity.

Oliver tipped his head back until it rested on one of the metal wrinkles of the tube. There was no longer feeling in his feet and he knew it was only a matter of time before that numbness crept up his legs, over his stomach and into his chest to finally lay to rest his broken heart. His lids fluttered and sad eyes closed on their own cognizant as he welcomed his impending doom.

A lighthearted joy suddenly skidded through him as he realized that his ending would reunite him with those he lost.  Oliver only hoped that if they met him at the gates, they wouldn’t turn him away, making his afterlife as painful as the earthly existence he would be leaving behind.  How does one survive a tortured eternity?

Maybe it would be his ultimate penance.

Maybe he wouldn’t even get to go to the place he imagined they were.

His head dropped forward, chin meeting chest. It would be what he deserved.  There was no forgiveness, only pain.

Never-ending pain.



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