I read YA week!


COLL014113-001-I_Read_YA-Spring_color_ways-02Thanks to the lovely ladies at I Heart Daily, I learned this week is I read YA week!  YAY!

As I’ve discussed in the past, I’m all for everyone of any age reading young adult books.  Teens can identify with many of the characters as well as learning about diversity and romance and different things that they may be sheltered from in their own lives.  Adults can reminisce about when they were teens and also learn how things might be different today for the young adults in their lives, allowing openings for discussions with their teens on topics that might otherwise be difficult to breech.

The writing is not dumbed down, it often deals with difficult topics and has an expansive vocabulary to challenge even advanced readers.  The stories spread through the genres of sci-fi, high fantasy, paranormal and more.  I promise, it’s not all romance.

I love seeing the diversity in young adult literature these days.  I grew up reading Nancy Drew, the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley books. They were fun reads and I devoured them at such a rate that my folks couldn’t keep me stocked with enough new stuff to read, but they were all pretty much happy ending books where everything worked out for the best, and everyone kissed and made up and went on with a good life. There were significantly less stories that touched on important and controversial topics.  Today is there a much wider range for teens to delve into, that will make them think and feel and possibly act after reading certain books.  I think that’s a great thing.  There is certainly still a place for the happy ending (and I still love them) but I can appreciate that there are stories out there that are more true to life as well.

Why do you read YA?


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