How Do You Find New Books to Devour?


I’m always curious on what prompts a reader to pick up a certain book.  My own process is typically a combination of things ranginggeeky books 4 from recommendations, blurbs and reviews to startling covers and general curiosity.

These days, I’d have to say reviews are what prompts me the most on whether or not to pick up a book, but it wasn’t always that way. Before the birth of digital books, I would spend hours in the library or the bookstore skimming the stacks, looking for the cover, jacket or title that would catch my eye and have me plucking the book off the shelf to read the back cover blurb.  While I love being able to carry  300+ books in my purse and not throw my back out, I do have to admit that I miss those days.  I still buy the occasional book in print and I love, love, love to get the books my author friends write in print. I have them all gathered together on my bookshelf so I can tell people, Hey! I know those authors!

Browsing the digital way is not as easy. I do enjoy Amazon’s feature that shows what customers who bought this book also bought.  That often leads me to finding similar stories to read, but if I’m looking for something completely different, it’s much harder to browse unless I am looking for a specific author.

The lack of browsing definitely hurts the indie/small press author as well because it makes it all that much more difficult for readers to find your book.  That’s why reviews, whether it’s from people you friend on Goodreads or from book bloggers you follow, is my current go-to process for finding new books to read.

How do you find something new to read? Are you old school, hitting up the library and few remaining bookstores? Do you search for new books by authors you already know? Or are you scouring the web for reviews and recommendations?

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