10 Things You Didn’t Know About Heavyweight

  1. I have a not so secret love of gingers, hence Ian’s hair and freckles. I imagine him to be just adorable!
  2. The story originally started in a different spot. During a writing workshop, author Toni De Palma convinced me to change the starting point and I believe that has a lot to do with why the book got picked up by my publisher.
  3. Going into it, I knew next to nothing about wrestling. I did a lot of research (unusual for me) and spoke to a lot of guys who were involved in high school wrestling.
  4. Julian and Mei-Li come from a long time of twins, in the sense that I always seem to have a pair in my stories. They are almost always boy/girl twins. I’m not sure why. I just like the dynamic I suppose.
  5. Ian is not the first male character I’ve written, but he’s the first done in first person. It was hard for me to get into character but I think he came out as authentic and believable.
  6. In the original draft, Ian was going to be trying to get into Penn State.  While it’s certainly a good educational institution, I decided to change it up to a different Pennsylvania school after the scandal that went down at Penn.
  7. My mom was my original editor. While there was still plenty for the Harmony Ink editors to call into question, it was never about typos and missing words. Mom is good like that!
  8. Heavyweight‘s cover is almost exactly how I imagined when I first started writing the story.  I’m so glad my cover artist was able to incorporate so much of what I wanted.
  9. Maggie was originally a cheerleader, but I realized, for no fair reason, I had evil cheerleaders in a couple of my other books. I switched her up to a colorguard member instead.
  10. Although it seems surprising to some, Heavyweight is the first male/male romance I’ve ever written.

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