Lost in the shuffle


With everything going on with the release of Heavyweight, another big change happened and I didn’t get to discuss it and share it with you all!

If you’ve been nosing around, you may have noticed one of my books has had a bit of a makeover. Thanks to winning second place in a “worst cover” contest (awww), Tears of a Clown was treated to a new cover by artist Mallory Rock.

We went back and forth  with ideas and possibilities.  It was hard, for me, to come up with a concept that represented the book but wouldn’t scare away readers (which I thought may have been possible with the old cover, even though I personally loved it).

Finally, after a lot of tweaking (I was picky and she was patient!), we settled on this colorful, graphic design:

tearsofaclown3DtransparentWe’ve got the tear, the heart for the romance and the pie for…well you’ll have to read the book to see where that fits in!

Right now only the digital version of the book has been changed, but eventually I will have her create the spine and back cover for the print version, so if you prefer the original cover, get it while you still can!

What’s your opinion on changing covers to books that have already released?


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