2014 Writing Goals


It’s that time of year where people are thinking about the new year and making resolutions. For some reason, I don’t like the word resolution. I feel like resolutions are strict, that if you veer off the path once during the year, then you’ve failed. A resolution is an absolute. Goals, on the other hand, are something to strive for. You make a plan and work towards it. To me, that means there are a variety of paths you can take to reach your goals, so if something isn’t working, you can change it and still make it to the finish line. Because of this, I’m going to list my writing goals for the new year, rather than make a writing resolution, because life is crazy and gets in the way sometimes and I don’t want to feel like I’ve failed if I didn’t get to the end the way I “resolved” to.

So here goes, my goals for 2014:

1) Make more time to write. Between a new job and a new man, life has gotten busy, especially over the holidays. I feel like my time to write has dwindled and I still have projects to finish and ideas brewing!

2) Work on promo.  With Heavyweight coming out on January 23rd, I’ve got to get back to my Twitter-ing and other self promo things. I’ve started by looking into ideas like using Notegraphy and Instagram to hit a new audience.  It looks like it’s generating some interest, but who knows if it will translate into sales. Only time will tell!

3) Finish at least one outstanding project.  I have to admit, I have several unfinished projects that need finishing. Staying Alive, the sequel to Near Death is so close to being done. For some reason, I just couldn’t seem to wrap it up this year. Maybe in the coming year, or maybe the last story in the Errand Girl of the Undead series.  I’ve got options!

4) Read outside my comfort zone.  While I find it very important to read within your genre so you know what’s out there and what the trends are, I find I haven’t been expanding my horizons with new things, so I’m going to look to pick up and get through some books I wouldn’t normally gravitate to. I think I may be pleasantly surprised!

5) Get more involved.  This kind of goes hand in hand with working on promo, to get more involved with other authors, whether it’s in my writing group, participating in blog hops and contests,  doing more cover reveals and reviews for folks.  I feel like I had a bigger support system and because I got busy, some of those connections slipped through my fingers.


What are your writing goals for the New Year?

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