BIG News!


Some of you may remember a story  I wrote called Heavyweight. I’ve posted a couple of teasers over the past year.  It was the first thing I wrote where I felt I really wanted to shop it around for traditional publishing. I had several agents ask for fulls and they all came back the same “Thank you, but it’s not for us.”  I was all set to self publish when my writing bud, Patricia Lynne, suggested I submit to the publishing house, Dreamspinner Press.

I knew of Dreamspinner, thanks to meeting several of their authors (and getting books signed!) at BEA earlier this year, but I had no idea they had a separate young adult division called Harmony Ink Press.  I checked their requirements and was excited to see they accepted unagented work. I wrote a query and sent out my stuff.  The waiting game started, but it didn’t last very long.

I’m very happy to announce that late last week I signed a contract with them and Heavyweight  will be published in early 2014.

I’m beyond excited to be working with them and to know that this story I love so much will finally make its way to the masses!

This blog will allow me to share the process with you, as it’s something new I haven’t talked about , since I didn’t have the personal experience. I hope sharing my journey will help others gain the courage to submit and then know what to expect as the process moves along.

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