Right in the Feels!


At the suggestion of the lovely Patricia Lynne, I thought I’d talk about hard hitting books. I’m talking about the ones that leave you sobbing and lamenting the loss of characters. I’m talking the ones that make you want to throw your books (keep a tight hold on the e-readers!) across the room in anger.  I’m talking the ones that stay with you long after you’ve finished them.

Actually, I’m going to discuss some authors, rather than specific books, that have hit me emotionally.

First, and foremost, the amazing John Green.  I think there’s perhaps only one book of his that I’ve read that didn’t make me cry. They’re just so honest and raw, the characters so realistic and relatable that you can’t help but form a bond with them.  They’re a powerful read, but worth every tear.

George RR Martin is one of the only authors that has sparked anger towards characters for me.  When I first read his Song of Ice and Fire series, I really had to restrain myself from throwing my Kindle when I got to certain parts. If Theon Greyjoy was a real person, I’d shove him off a curb in front of a speed bus.

Hannah Moskowitz is another author that writes hard hitting stories such as Break, Invincible Summer  and Gone, Gone, Gone. She has a unique writing style that really lets the reader get an inside look at the character’s thoughts and reactions, making you feel for them and the situations they’re going through.

Which books have you read that have elicited  a strong emotional reaction from you?

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  1. I have to say, one of the reasons I haven’t read any John Green books is because I’ve heard of how emotional his stories can make people. I’m not sure I want to put myself through that willingly. Most books that have hit me, I haven’t been expecting it so I didn’t know what was coming.

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