Running Out of Topics


I’ve been at this blog thing since the end of 2009. I’ve covered a whole hell of a lot of writing and book related topics as well as reviews, author interviews and the likes. As each Tuesday and Thursday rolls around, I panic, trying to come up with something new and fresh.  Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

So what do you do when you run out of topics to talk about?  Well you have a couple of options:


1) Expand on/update a previous topic

Often there is a lot that can be said on a topic and you only hit the tip of the iceberg. Don’t be afraid to go back and revisit an old post.  Chances are, you have new readers who never read the old one and old readers who would be interested in learning more. Link the previous post and go from there

2) Google is your friend

I’ve gotten to the point where I head over to good ole Google and search out blog topics. Sometimes you can find a winner. Other times you shake your head and click away from way you’ve found.  Travel links at your own risk…

3) Collaborate with other blogs

I don’t do things like blog hops often, but I should do them more. If you can’t find ones you want to join, ask a fellow blogger if they’d be interested in working on something together. It could be a joint post, it could be just promoting each other, it could be debating about a topic you’re both interested in.

4) Ask your readers

You might be surprised to find there are topics your following would really like you to cover. It doesn’t hurt to ask! (Hint, hint, I’m asking, folks! :D)

5) Take a break

This one is a last resort in my opinion.  Taking a break means you’ll lose some, if not all, of your followers. When you start back up, you’ll have to really reach out to folks to get them to come back, but taking a break can be like recharging your brain.  It could work.

6) End the blog

I kind of hate to suggest this one, but there comes a time when you’ve exhausted things and you’re just being repetitive and can no longer offer the kind of advice you’d like.  It’s sad, but all good things typically come to an end.  I would recommend keeping a news related blog to point your readers to so they can check periodically to see when you have new releases coming out. Don’t cut off all communication with your readers otherwise building your platform will have been for naught.

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