“I could drive a truck through that!” – Plot Hole Woes


One of the problems I see with many Indie authors, especially pantsers and those who forgo quality editing, is the glaring, egregious plot hole. If a book takes too long to write and the author isn’t re-reading along the way, things often get forgotten, and that leads to story lines that don’t get wrapped up, questions left unanswered and issues such as characters popping up in your scenes when they were supposed to be across town.

I know not everyone can be a plotter, but it could work to your advantage to make chapter summaries, whether it’s on note cards or in a separate file. Timelines can also help keep plot holes at bay as well as those early beta readers who are reading along as you churn out chapters.

It’s an easy problem to fix, but carelessness and lack of editing can allow stories to get to the public without stitching up the hole. I promise you, it will lead to readers giving poor reviews and being annoyed you left pieces dangling rather than tying everything up all neat.

In a series, there are things that can be left unanswered, but you best make sure you note what they are so you can wrap them up in subsequent books and know that if you leave too much unanswered at the end of book 1, you’ll still most likely get cranky readers.

Tell a complete story. Don’t let readers come back and tell you they could drive a Mack truck through your plot holes.

How do you ensure all your ends are tied up before publishing?


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