Who are your favorite small press publishers?


Small Presses are the happy medium between self-publishing and traditional publishing as you don’t always need to be represented by an agent to deal with a small press (from the little research I’ve done so far, most don’t need you to have an agent but will still consider agented work), and they will handle the editing and art (typically) for your covers as well as promotion.

Of course there’s a trade off that you have to share your royalties with them, but many that I’ve looked into have very reasonable percentages not far off from what you’d get if you published through Amazon.  You will still have a lot of control over your book but you’ll also, more than likely, be asked to do a significant amount of promotion as well.

My biggest problem with self-publishing is the promo aspect, especially with the new job, it has really fallen to the wayside and my sales have suffered. With all the changes in traditional publishing lately, I’m not sure it’s really the route I want to take anymore, hence looking into the small presses.  I do have some in my sights, but I know there are probably many more that I don’t know of, so let me know who some of your favorites are and why you like them.

Do you use them to publish your own stuff?

Do you like the books they put out?

Let me know!

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  1. I’m going to be watching to see what folks post here. I don’t have direct experience w/a small press as an author, but as a reader, reviewer, anthology contributor, etc. – a few I like are: Pleasure Boat, Akashic, Sarabande, OV Books, Coffee House, Hanging Loose Press, Last Light, Northstar, Seal, and a bunch of university presses, notably Univ of Nebraska.

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