How Often Should You Frequent Writing Groups


You may do your initial writing alone, but unless you’re planning on not sharing your work with anyone else, it’ll take a small army to finish writing your book.  We’ve talked about the importance of beta readers and critique partners before, but today’s post is going to focus more on the writing group and how often you should  meet to get the most out of the group experience.

I’ve belonged to my writing group for two years now (roughly) and we’ve always met on a monthly basis. Which was fine but I often found I’d have forgotten some of the parts of the stories the others were reading because it had been a month since I had heard them. Not to mention people would often read chapters out of order, which would make it hard to follow the continuity of the story.

Recently the group decided to try and meet more often, on a weekly basis.  It has made a huge difference. Not only was it easier to follow the stories of my peers, it helped motivate most of us to write more during the week knowing we would have to share. It also gave me a better idea of others’ writing styles and their possible quirks as I’m hearing more of their writing.

I understand it’s just not possible for some people to make a group on a weekly basis. Meeting once a month will still have its benefits. If it’s possible for you to meet on a more regular basis I think you’d find it really helps push you to write as well as better dissect the writing of your peers, which is going to help everyone to become a better writer.

Do you belong to a writing group? How often do you meet?

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  1. not sure my reply showed up but here it is again:

    When I first started writing I attended a local group (well 45 minutes away was the closest I could get) and we met twice a month. Basically the group had grown so large that we had to have rules – 5 typed pages, 10 copies and only about 10 folks could read during our meeting time. We met like the first Thursday and third Tuesday of the month. This was kind of helpful in that it wasn’t a guarantee that you would be reading both times unless there were only 10 people at each meeting, but more than likely we had more than 15 at every meeting. The reason I stopped going is the bookstore we were meeting at closed down and the meeting place moved to an Earthfare store another 30 minutes away on the other side of the town.

    I agree with you that meeting more than once a month is better but there is no set in stone guidelines for a writing group. Just have to figure out what works best for that particular group and how large the group is to find what works. I miss going to group but life happens and I’ve had to move on to other things. Good luck with everything – E 🙂

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of a Finally Home, a Kelly Watson middle grade/YA mystery

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