BEA, Here I Come!


I’m super excited I get to go to a day of the Book Expo America conference this Saturday! A lovely friend is paying my way as I watched her pup for a weekend while she traveled, so we have Power Reader passes.  There’s so much going on that I’m not sure what we’ll see or do but BEA has an app for Smartphones to help plan and prepare, so you know I downloaded that!  If nothing else it has a GPS kind of mapping system so we can find our way around the convention center.

Now I have to decide if I’m going to look dorky and bring a little rolling suitcase for all the goodies I plan on snagging, or just go with tote bags so I can look like  bag lady. Neither look is especially chic, but I’m hardly a fashionista so it’s not like it *really* matters, right? I do think a suitcase will be easier to handle on the train home than three or four bags of stuff. We shall see.

Is anyone else attending or have attended in the past? Suggestions, tips or recommendations?  I’ll do a post next week about the experience.  I have a feeling it will be kind of overwhelming, but a good time!


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  1. Be a dork and bring the rolling suitcase. I haven’t attended BEA but have attended another large event and you will be in so much pain if you go the bag route. Also wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking a lot. Wear layers that you can take on/off (another reason for suitcase). If you have business cards bring them. Also bring return address stickers as those make filling our entry forms so much easier. Bring a couple bottles of water.

    Look over the app. Make a list of a few things you really want to see. Also take note of where the bathrooms are ahead of time & plan bathroom breaks when you are near one rather than when you need to go. It may sound silly but it helps. I think Bob Mayer may have written a blog post on attending BEA and hints and tips – try google to find it.

    Have a great time.

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