Teaser Thursday – Staying Alive


I bet you guys forgot about the Near Death sequel! While it’s still a work in progress, I figured I’d share a small snippet…especially since I forgot to do a post for today and need something quick! Hahaha

Umm…*WARNING* Kind of a spoiler if you haven’t read Near Death yet!  And if you haven’t…what are you waiting for? ^_^



Jack hadn’t planned on leaving so soon, but when he walking into the kitchen and saw his girlfriend sitting there, crying, he knew he had to go.  He quietly slipped out of the house and headed back towards his own home on foot.  It wasn’t a long walk, but it would be long enough to clear his head a bit.  The air was cold and brisk and he could feel his wet hair stiffening up into sharp peaks.

He walked on auto-pilot, having taken the route many times in the past several years.  His head was jumbled full of thoughts and accusations and guilt.  He vaguely noticed he was coming up to a corner, but a quick glance told him the coast was clear.  As he stepped off the curb, he heard the sound of an air horn, the type used on big rigs. Eyes wide, he turned and saw a huge truck barreling down on him. How had he missed it coming down the street? He tried to step back up on the corner, but he tripped and stumbled on the lip of the curb. Thinking his time was up, he shut his eyes and hoped it would be a painless death when all of a sudden he felt something grasp the back of his jacket, yanking him back, practically throwing him onto the neighboring lawn.

Befuddled and a bit sore, Jack looked up. There was a figure towering over him, blocking out the sun.  While he couldn’t make out any of the facial features, the wings were a dead giveaway; Chris, the Angel of Death, the one who Jack had shot and killed four years prior, had just saved his life.



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