Amazon + Goodreads = ??


So as many of you have probably heard by now the giant online retailer, Amazon, has purchased Goodreads, a site well known and loved by readers and writers alike.

Many think this merger to be a good thing. There are hopes that the reviews from Goodreads will transfer over to Amazon, which would be a great thing for many authors. Those who are firmly entrenched on one site hope the merger will make it easier to break into the other, spreading the news of their novels that much further.

More, I think, are concerned by the pairing. Amazon has recently been pulling 1 star reviews and any reviews left by other authors.  There is concern that the same will happen on the reader site now that the two have joined. The powers that be at Amazon claim there won’t be changes made, but I find it hard to believe that they’d buy the company and not use it to their advantage.

There is also worry over Amazon using Goodreads to further monopolize the ebook market. Previously, Goodreads allowed links to other online ebook retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Kobo.  It’s unknown if that will continue now that the site belongs to Amazon.

I suppose time will tell on whether this joining will be a good or bad thing for the Indie author.

What are your thoughts on the merger?

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