Now’s the Time on Sprockets When We…Wait?*


I’m hoping the dancing part will come later, but for now, it’s the waiting game.  In case you missed my news last week, I was a finalist for the Pitch Madness contest and I had six agents interested and ask for pages of Heavyweight (Squee!!).  I spent my weekend tightening things up and double and triple checking them before hitting the send button.

Now I wait. And wait. And wait.

I completely understand that the agents are busy and have huge piles of stuff to read through. I know it will take time for responses, but my problem is how do I focus on other things and not constantly check my email for that magical golden ticket? I have projects to work on, things to finish, but all I can think about is “Are they reading it? Do they like it? Might this be my big break?!”

I think I might take up pacing, or thumb twiddling. Perhaps I’ll count ceiling tiles!

Any ideas for focusing?

* In case you’re too young to get the Sprockets reference, it was an SNL skit with Mike Meyers Sprockets

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