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Are You A Book Cheerleader?


Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah! Read this book! Read this book! Rah rah rah!

Okay, so I was never a cheerleader. Instead, I played in the band and we liked to torment the cheerleaders by slowly speeding up the music they danced to. Always fun! Heh.

But, I am a cheerleader for the books I love.  When I come across a story and characters that really pull me in, I want to share it with the world! Anytime people are looking for recommendations I will give them a list of stuff I love in the hopes that they will love it as much as I do.  I have a small group of friends I am constantly recommending books to, whether they ask me or not.  We have similar taste in a lot of aspects (books, movies, music,TV, etc.) so I will drop them an email:

“Hey ‘So-and-so’! I just read ‘fill in name here’. It was awesome and I think you will love it. Let me know if you read it!”

Then I will sit and wait and wait and wait, hoping to hear that they’ve picked it up, read it and want to discuss! Now I’m sure I can go to forums on Goodreads or where ever and discuss these same books with people have already read the book, but somehow, it’s just not the same.

I think I just really like to be able to introduce people to something new, be it books or music or TV shows. Is that the hipster in me?

“I read ‘blah blah’ before it was cool, man!”

Do you spread the love of your favorite books? What are some of your most loved stories, and why are they at the top of your list?


And Now for Something Completely Different…


Well, not totally.  Because I’ve been so busy, I decided a teaser would be best, but I figured I’d give you something completely different. How about some of the script I wrote for last year’s Script Frenzy?  It’s called Resolution and it’s a paranormal, young adult kind of thing.

Little to no editing has been done on  it, so please excuse typos and other issues.  It’s the first and only script I’ve written. This is the opening scene.  Let me know what you think!

/Gah! Sorry the formatting is wonky. I don’t have the time at the moment to fix it. Hopefully it’s not totally unreadable.



RED Converse sneakers SLAM against the leaf covered ground.

The sounds of dry leaves crackling and snapping twigs are

almost drowned out by the sound of HEAVY PANTING.

The feet stumble as they change direction slightly, trying

to keep on the path because veering off would only slow them


They continue to POUND the earth before one tip gets caught

under an exposed root.

The running body pitches forward. Knees and palms hit the

dirt, putting holes into clothing and skin. Skid marks and

indentations are left in the ground as she struggles to get


The shoe is stuck. Long blonde hair whips in the wind as she

turns to look over her shoulder.

Trembling hands move quickly but fumble as she unties the

shoe. Soft WHIMPERS escape her as she tries to pull up on

the root to allow room to slide her foot out of shoe.

SUCCESS. A multi-colored stripped sock appears and there’s a

loud SIGH. A hand reaches for the shoe.

The obvious sound of running is getting closer.

The shoe is forgotten as the feet set off back down the

path. Injuries and missing a shoe makes the pace slower, but

as the familiar expanse of the black roadway comes into

view, she puts on a burst of speed.

The camera around her neck bounces against her chest. She

raises a hand to try to hold it still. The camera is

important and she can’t risk it being damaged.


All the small shop windows are dark. The streets are empty.

A piece of newspaper blows in the wind.

The extra speed she put on to leave the woods has her shoe

covered foot making loud sounds against the asphalt in the

quiet night.

She makes a split second decision to slow down and pull off

the other shoe, throwing it so it lands in a bush next to

the lattice worked bottom of the white bandstand that held

the small town’s summer concerts.

Her shoeless feet make no sound as she sprints down the

empty road. Glancing over her shoulder, she sees nothing

but hears a rattling in the brush behind her. She has not

lost her assailant.

Head whipping back and forth, she searches for a light, any

light, to show that someone may still be in one of the

shops, regardless of the fact that it’s a holiday. She is

out of luck.

Knowing the longer she stays out in the open, the harder it

will be to lose the person chasing her, she decides hiding

is her best option. She takes a QUICK left and DUCKS into a

dark alleyway between two brick buildings.


She spots a bright green dumpster and runs to the far side.

For a moment, she leans against the brick wall before

SLIDING down to hide herself. CROUCHING next to the

dumpster, she tries to catch her breath. Her arms are

wrapped tightly around her knees as she tries to make

herself as small as possible and keep from shaking. The

brick wall is cold against her back and scratches at her

skin where her jacket has lifted up when she slid down the


The sound of hard soled shoes slap outside the mouth of the

alley and stop. She holds her breath and shuts her eyes,

but opens them quickly, thinking she wants to know if

something is coming.

As the feet begin to move again, the sound is fading and she

knows they are walking away. Remaining crouched, she lets

go of her knees and puts her hands behind her, palms against

the wall so she can get up.

SLOWLY she raises and looks over the top of the dumpster.

The mouth of the alley is empty and she hears nothing but

her own harsh breathing which has not calmed down much.

Her shoeless feet allow her a nearly soundless journey from

the dumpster to the mouth of the alley. She stops right

before stepping out to look to her left. Nothing is there.

She turns her head to the right and before she can even

gasp, a large hand SHOOTS out and covers almost her entire

face, pushing her back into the darkness of the alley.

One of her hands tries to remove the man’s hand covering her

face while the other reaches out toward her attacker’s face.

Fingernails rake against his stubble covered cheek. The man

grunts and pushes her back HARD against the brick wall.

The back of her head connects with the brick causing a THUD

that sounds deafening inside her head. She feels a sticky

warmth begin to bloom. When he pulls her head away from the

wall, she feels strands of hair sticking to the coarse brick


She flails and kicks out with her leg, hoping to catch him

in the crotch, but catches him in the shin instead. He

growls and SLAMS her head against the wall another time.

Eyes flutter shut as her body sags a bit in his grasp. He

brings his other hand up around her throat, removing the

hand covering her mouth.

He brings his face very close to hers.



Please. Please don’t hurt me.


What did you see?


(shaking her head as best she

can in his grip)

Nothing! I swear I saw nothing.

He grabs at the camera around her neck.


Oh, I beg to differ my dear.

CAROLINE’s eyes grow wide and panicked as he tightens his

grip around her neck.

With his other hand he fumbles to turn the camera around so

the LCD screen faces him. Pressing the power button causes

the screen to light up, casting an eerie glow on the man’s


She feels lightheaded as her airway is being

constricted. She gives a feeble attempt to pry his hand

away, but she no longer has the strength.

He fumbles some more, removing the small memory card from

the side of the camera and putting it in his pocket.

The glow from the camera’s screen now casts a blue light on

his skin.

His eyes flick up from the screen to glare at her.


(shakes his head and makes a

tsk’ing sound)

I don’t like liars, sweet Caroline.


Such a shame to have to kill you,

but since I can’t remove the image

from your mind like I can this

camera, you leave me with no


He reaches up and caressed her cheek as if they were lovers

before shaking his head again.


Really…What a damn shame.

Caroline gives one more attempt to break free realizing this

would be her last chance at saving her life. She manages to

kick his knee cap, causing him to stumble a bit and loosen

his grip.

With tears flowing freely, she JABS her hand out, trying to

blind him in an eye.

He turns his head and her nails leave a long bloody gash

running from right above his eyebrow to almost his ear.

He HISSES in pain.



She sees the rage in his eyes but can do nothing in the

split second it takes him to reach both hands up and TWIST

her head, SNAPPING her neck.

The man sighs loudly as Caroline’s head dangles down, her

eyes still wide open in shock. Grabbing her by the waist, he

hoists the dead weight over his shoulder, her dead eyes now

stare at his back.

As he steps forward, he feels something hit against the back

of his legs before hearing the sound of something hitting

the ground.

Glancing over his shoulder he sees the camera as slipped off

of Caroline’s neck and lies on its side. He pats his

pocket, checking for the memory card. Feeling the slight

bulge it creates, he turns and continues out of the alley,

leaving the camera behind.

No Time for Fiction


Heck, practically no time for blog writing either! I am on a time crunch lately working on freelance articles in order to pay my bills. Book sales have been slow lately, as well as my other jobs in childcare and substituting. Via Textbroker, I can bring in something and at least be writing everyday.

I do miss my WIP and my reading though. I’m hoping this won’t burn me out because I have stories to finish and books to read!  I will certainly try to keep up with these blog posts and get back to my stories soon, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to make ends meet. Stressful? Yes, but money is a necessity of life and there’s not much I can do about it.

Ask An Author


Have you always wondered how an author gets their ideas or why they killed off characters?

Are you curious as to their writing process and how they focus?

Do you wonder if they get embarrassed writing those steamy sexy time scenes?

Well now’s your chance to put those questions out there!

Ask anything about the process, whether it be the writing, the editing, the marketing, etc. or about specific character/story tropes. Put all your questions in the comments and I will see which of my author buddies I can wrangle up to help me answer them in a post next week.

If you have any story specific questions for me, feel free to ask those as well.

I’m excited to see what you guys come up with!


Calling All Paranormal Writers…


XP ExtremeMakeoverAnthologyXchyler Publishing will soon be opening their submissions for their paranormal anthology, Extreme Makeovers.

They are looking for short stories between 5,000 and 15,000 words. The story must be paranormal in genre with the theme of Extreme Makeover worked in. It’s up to you to decide what that means.

Submissions will be accepted between April 30th, 2013 and May 31st, 2013.   You will need to follow their submission guidelines as the stories are read blindly to keep choices fair and free of possible prejudice.

Authors who win and will be accepted into the anthology will be announced on June 15th, 2013.


This will be the fourth anthology to be put out by this new and exciting publisher.  The anthologies are well edited with lovely typesetting and amazingly beautiful covers.  You would be in excellent company with past, present and future authors who get accepted into these anthologies, so get to writing folks!

xp forged in flames xp steampunk