Build Your Writing Portfolio


We’re all anxious to get our work out to the world, but we also know how long of a process it is to write, edit and publish a novel. That’s not to mention the time it takes to promote the work and get people to read it.

What if you want your name out there before that? What if you want to start building a fan base? Great! Check back blog posts for information on building your platform. If you are looking for things to do other than expand your Twitter audience, how about picking up some freelance writing jobs?

There are several sites out there where you can find work, experience and some green. You probably won’t be rolling in the dough (especially not in the beginning) but if you can learn to best use keywords and build a loyal following of fans and folks who will help re-tweet your links, you could make some decent scratch that might at least cover your Starbucks addiction.

It’s not fiction (although some of it is first person experience) so you will probably have to spend some time researching and some of the sites offer online tutorials on how to write your articles for the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Good SEO results are especially important if you get paid per page view and want people other than friends and family to find your work.

Some of the articles will carry your byline while others will contract you to write under their name/site.  Both are helpful to your writing career. Those without your name may not get you the recognition from the outside world but if they are continuous and well written, more work will be sent your way, which means more money.  The ones that you can claim as yours are good to post on your blog or website and it’s helpful to put on your queries that you are published/work as a paid writer.

Freelancing will help keep you writing and allow you to develop new skills, new contacts and a fan base. If you’re being paid for your work you can put it on your resume which is handy if you’re between jobs or a stay at home parent who will be wanting to get back into the workforce when the kids are older.

I will admit, it takes away time from your fiction writing, but if you can work it into your schedule, it’s definitely a plus to have published articles under your belt.

Have you done any freelance work? Do you think it helped any with your fiction writing career?

Here are some sites where you can look for freelance work:


Yahoo Contributor Network

Demand Media


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