Rabble – The Rotten Tomatoes of Book Reviews?


I’ve helped fund a couple of other Kickstarter projects over the past few years and this is one I can get behind. I love the idea of a place for trusted reviews for both traditional and indie published works. Check out their campaign and see if it’s something you’d like to back.

Sadly I can’t seem to post the accompanying videos, so be sure to click on the Rabble link below to see them and find out how you can contribute!


Rabble will provide aggregated book reviews from trusted, verified sources for both indie and traditionally published titles.

Rabble: a website that will aggregate trusted, verified reviews into consensus, like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes do for movies. Rabble’s team, made up of zealous and intrepid book-lovers (and many of the same people who brought you IndieReader), will scour the publishing landscape, pull a sentence or two from each review (pre-vetted to insure its credibility, with a link to the complete review source) and come up with a consensus for a final Rabble score—to insure that you, the busy reader, don’t have to.

In addition to being able to see immediately where a book rates on the Rabble scale, the site will also be a brilliant place to explore. There will be lists, via the Rabble Listatron 300, that include the best to worst rated titles, author interviews, and much much, more. And for the first time anywhere, indie titles—those cool books that are being picked up weekly by the Big 5 publishers but are still mostly shunned by mainstream reviewers—will rub shoulders with traditionally published books, just like god intended.

Fact is, the publishing world is changing faster than you can say Random-Penguin-Schuster. Indie bookstores, those bastions of helpfulness which gleefully recommended the best new titles, are scarce. What’s needed, almost more than another season of Homeland (right NOW), is a great place to find out how your faves rate, and discover new authors and titles.

With your help, Rabble will be that resource.


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