Coming in 2013…


I have a love/hate relationship with book series. I love that the story continues on and I learn more about characters I enjoy. I *HATE* that I have to wait a year+ for a new book to come out! I get it, they take time to write, edit, etc. but when you read as much as I do, you end up losing track of things you’re waiting for.  I totally didn’t realize the last book in Holly Black‘s Curse Workers had come out and now I just see that the sequel to The Girl of Fire and Thorns has come out and I missed that. I’ll have to catch up.

There are a lot of great books due out this year. Here are a couple I’m looking forward to:

Scarlet – Marissa Meyer.  It’s the follow up to Cinder, her awesome take on a very familiar story.

Unravel Me – Tahereh Mafi. I only recently read Shatter Me (which had been on my list for a while) and I loved it. So happy to see the sequel is already out!

Clockwork PrincessCassandra Clare. Final book in the prequel series. I’m excited to see it end even if I am annoyed it seemed to push back the last book in the Mortal Instruments series to next year.

Requiem – Lauren Oliver. I’m not sure if this is the last book in the series but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the Wilds!

Divergent #3 (untitled) – Veronica Roth. They only have eight more months to decide on a title! Get on with it people!

The Madness UnderneathMaureen Johnson.  This is the sequel to The Name of the Star. Unlike her other contemporary YA romances, this one has an element of history to it and the awesome topic of Jack the Ripper.

Prodigy – Marie Lu. Ooh ooh! This one is out already! Second book in the Legend series. I have to pick this one up!

Untitled (Nevermore #3) – Kelly Creagh. Oops! I missed the second one (see how that happens?) Now I can pick up book two and book three will be out sometime this year. Yay!

Requiem Maggie Stiefvater. WOAH. Book of Faerie #3! I enjoy most of Maggie’s work but Ballad and Lament are two of my favorites and I’m super excited to see there will be a third book. They are more like companion novels but maybe this book will bring the first two together more. So.Excited! (oooh ooh. I see this might not be out till NEXT year. *sad panda*)

The Dream Thieves – Maggie Stiefvater. Well at least the Raven Boys sequel will be out this year so I can get my Maggie fix!

Walking Disaster –  JaimeMcGuire. I can’t wait for this since we’ve been waiting for the Beautiful Disaster follow up for a long time now.


Gah. So many books! I could keep this up all day. These are just a few I’m excited to pick up this year.

What are you looking forward to reading this year?



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