Teaser Tuesday – MG Edition


Since folks seem to be interested in teasers, I decided I’d share more this year.  So here’s a taste of my middle grade novel, The Girl Who Glided Under the Sea. I’m still in the process of finishing the rough draft so please excuse any typos and such that I may have missed. Enjoy!



White flecks of foam flew at her face as the swell came crashing down mere inches from her feet. Board in hand, Penelope looked over at the two boys standing to her left. Both wore matte black body suits that hugged them like a second skin, sleeves ending at the wrists but the pant legs stopping  just above the knee.  The older boy, his suit sporting a shockingly pink stripe down both sides, was grinning wildly, his shoulder length dirty blond hair was matted and twisting in the vicious sea breeze.  The younger of the two, having a blindingly bright yellow stripe of his own, was almost the twin of his older brother with the exception of his hair being several shades lighter, often lending to the name tow-headed.

“You ready to do this, Penny?” Jaime, the older brother, asked looking at her over the head of his younger brother Jordan.

Penny looked out over the breaking surf, barely able to see the smooth area of the water they’d be paddling to in order to catch a wave as it builds.  A storm off the coast had been churning up the waters like a witch’s bubbling cauldron, but the boys insisted they would be safe, that they wouldn’t get these kinds of killer waves in their area again.  A once in a lifetime situation, Jaime had said, promising her it would be a ride to remember, if she were brave enough.

Being a tomboy meant Penelope went by the less feminine name of Penny or even Pen and it meant she didn’t back down from a dare, which was obviously what Jaime’s comment about being brave was.  She knew her parents would freak out if they had any idea what she was planning on doing.  Just last night at dinner they warned her to stay out of the water, saying the rip currents could wash her out to the open sea and that the waves were far too rough for a twelve year old girl to be trying to tackle. She tried to argue that she was almost thirteen, but it didn’t go over so well.

But Penny wasn’t scared of the water. In fact, she felt more comfortable in the buoyant salty substance than she did on dry land. On solid ground she was gangly and clumsy, often tripping over her ever growing limbs. Puberty sucked. In the water she was streamlined and graceful and somehow, her noodle-like arms and legs worked to her advantage when balancing on the long  board that let her ride the waves like a dolphin.  It was exhilarating and Penny couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the ride of her life.

“Let’s do it,” she said, excitement coloring her voice.


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  1. Nice excerpt! You set the scene well, and gave just enough info on how Penny got to be there, doing that.
    How close are you to finishing the draft? I’m just getting back to work on my NaNoWriMo which I put on the shelf for the month of December, and I’m just realizing it’s January. Haha.

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s actually on hold for a bit while I’m editing something else. It is close to being done but I was re-reading it, preparing to start up again and ugh the rest needs a lot of work so I will probably edit/revise before actually finishing because some aspects need major changing.

      I had taken a long break as well because I wrote over 100k between October and November and was burnt out! Nice to get back into it all though 😀

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