What Do *YOU* Want From Me?


Firstly, Happy New Year all! I hope this is a great one for every one of us. Not sure 2013 can be much worse than 2012.  That’s not to say 2012 didn’t have it’s high points, but they were far and few between. More consistent with the good stuff this year, please!

On another note, I wanted to get some info from all you readers.  If you guys follow me on Twitter (and if not, how come? I’m witty! Sometimes…) you probably see that I often struggle with ideas for posts. This blog has been going on for a couple years now and I enjoy it but I don’t want to be overly repetitive. I don’t mind revisiting a topic, but something new is always nice too.

What would you guys like to see? More interviews? More teasers? Any specific topics you’d like to see me cover? Guest posts? More blog hop participation?  Vlogs?  I’m not sure how often I’d go through with that one…but I suppose I could do it on occasion. Maybe I could read teasers rather than just post them? Who knows…

Throw in your two cents! I’ll try to work in what I can and since ultimately this is for you, the reader, I figured it’d be a good idea to see what you guys are looking for.

Place your suggestions in the comments!


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  1. I’m always interested in hearing more about an author’s progress with teasers used as examples for a WIP. Discoveries you’ve made about yourself or your characters while working on a particular piece. What you enjoy reading and any pet peeves you might have. I believe readers love excerpts and blog hops, so perhaps you can do a combination. Just a thought.

    • Can do! It’s a long year so I’m sure I can work it in. I tend to catch onto blog hops via my writing buddy, Patricia but I think I need to be a little more proactive this year and hunt some stuff down myself.

      I was thinking I might do little bios on some of my characters as well, to introduce them and whatnot 🙂

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