Writing Resolutions


As the year is coming to a close (eek, only a couple weeks to go!), now is the time to start thinking about your resolutions for the new year.  Perhaps you’re vowing this will be your year at the gym, or maybe you’re going to strive for at least seven hours of sleep a night. Both are good goals that you can certainly achieve, but why not think about what you want in regards to your writing in the new year?

Perhaps you have a couple of half finished novels laying around (gee…I wouldn’t know anything about that *she says hiding documents in hidden files…*). Maybe 2013 is the year to finish them up! Maybe you will make a resolution to write and edit two books or to submit at least five short stories to publications throughout the year.

There’s always the thought to want to have a daily writing habit, so maybe you’ll schedule in twenty to forty minutes a day or start a blog. Just because you’re not working on a novel or screenplay doesn’t mean you’re not writing!

I think for many of us, 2013 will be the year to better promote ourselves and our work! Less spamming, more ad buying, blog hop participating and so forth.

Whatever your choices, try to make it something you can realistically stick to. Swearing to write 3,000 words a day every day is probably going to see you disappointed before January is over and then that could bring down your whole writing year. Don’t do that to yourself!

Are you planning on a resolution? Let us know what it is!


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  1. I’m keeping my resolutions super simple in the hopes that I’ll feel so good when I accomplish them that I’ll keep going…I’d like to be more consistent with my personal blog (post at least once every other week) and start a professional blog for my editing business (www.margaretedits.com). Thanks for the encouragement!

    • NO problem! Good luck with them, I think you’ll be able to do just fine! A constant blog, even if it’s just once a month, is important because it lets the reader know when you update, so I think that’s a great thing for you to focus on!

  2. I don’t make resolutions, but since I will finally have a job come the beginning of the year, I am planning on doing more promotion for my books. Oh and I guess getting my short story series published can be a goal too. Someone just needs to get her edits back to me. *wink wink nudge nudge* 😉

  3. I think I will start with a simple resolution: write and or read every day, wether a few paragraphes or whole pages, as long as I will work on my writing and my reading, I will respect my resolution and that is all that I need really.

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