Books – They make great gifts!


We are right smack in the middle of the holiday season already (if you can believe that!) and maybe you’re still scrambling for gifts before the 8th night or Christmas day. If so, I feel your pain. I have done NO shopping yet (although I have completed several handmade gifts).

But there’s still time folks! And let me remind you that books make for fantastic gifts for all sorts of people, young and old! As an Indie author, this is where I should probably gently remind you that it’s awesome to support Indie authors and that most of us have books in digital *and* print forms and that some authors, like me, even have our books on where you can get signatures for our e-books. There really are quite a number of great Indie authors out there to introduce your friends and family to. Not only do readers love to find new authors to follow, but Indie works tend to be more affordable than traditionally published books.

Now that I’ve done my duty to other Indies, I’m going to remind folks of great things like the bargain areas of Barnes and Noble. There is always such an amazing collection of books in those aisles.  Cookbooks and novels and books on local lore and how to draw dragons.  They are reduced in price and I bet you can find one to fit every person in your life, even the non-reader. They often have great coffee table type books that make for great hostess gifts as well!

If you have little ones in your life, be it your own children or nieces and nephews, be the awesome relative that expands their library rather than their overflowing toy boxes. If you want them to grow to be readers, you have to provide the material.  Even if they’re not readers yet or not very good at it, there are amazingly beautiful popup books and touch and feel books and books that can inspire them to want to learn more about animals and their bodies and what lives in our oceans.

For the older child/teen, there are so many great picture books and stories about how their favorite stars came into their careers or how their favorite movies are made, etc.  Don’t discount books just because someone isn’t a reader. Sometimes it just depends on the subject. Also  look for comic books and graphic novels! Great art and great stories.

Don’t forget to check the dollar bin areas of places like Target which often has little hard cardboard books which make for great stocking stuffers for the little ones.

Books are ever great gifts and there is something out there for everyone in your life. E-books make for easy at home shopping but print books are always nice to hold and unwrap.

Have you purchased any books as gifts this season? What are some of your favorite books to share as gifts?


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