So NaNowriMo is over. Now what?


It’s now the lovely month (or hated if you’re more of a Scrooge like me…) of December. That means if you were a participant of last month’s NaNoWriMo you are now a winner or you have a work started that needs some finishing.

If you weren’t a winner, don’t let it get you down! It’s not an easy task and we all know how life often gets in the way of our writing. The important part is you had an idea and you got a start. You owe it to yourself to not let that idea die. Write it at your own pace but get it done.  It’s really a great feeling to follow through and accomplish what you set out to do, whether or not you finished it in the thirty days. If you still need a cheerleader, hit me up. I’ll be good kicking you in the seat to get it done! 😀

If you won, congratulations!  But don’t dare think you’re done yet. If you’re like me, you hit the 50k but need to actually finish the story. Keep your momentum and try to write at least a little everyday until that rough draft is complete. Don’t let the past thirty days go to waste by giving up now that November is over. That would make me a very sad panda indeed.

If you won *and* finished the story don’t think you’re done either, but you can take a break. Put your finished rough draft in a drawer and let it sit and age, like a fine wine!  Start up a new project (might as well keep that daily writing thing going!) or catch up on the reading you probably had to put aside last month. After a couple weeks, pull out that story, re-read from start to finish and begin the polishing. You may need to make two, three or four passes of edits, beta reading, etc. but when you’ve already put so much work into it, you want it to be the best it can possibly be before putting it out there. Believe me, a better final product will equal better sales. Don’t do a half assed job just to rush and get it out there. It’s going to hurt you in the long run.

What are your plans now that NaNoWriMo is over?


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  1. The idea of putting anything I’ve written ‘out there’ is beginning to feel very unlikely. I love writing and thought I loved editing but editing’s not coming easy to me.. I’m gradually working out how I edit to make it more fun. I was expecting to have to do at least 7 edits..
    What I want to know from each draft I have is.. is it readable and is it possible that it could at all, in extreme circumstances, be moulded and battered within an inch of it’s life into something that someone might actually be able to read, enjoy and think was a novel?
    Yes, I too think I might have some insecurities over my writing….

    • Don’t we all. I assure you, you’re not alone. You’ll probably have insecurities even after you put it out there. You should look into some beta readers. They will be able to tell you things like if it’s readable, if there are plot holes, etc. I use betas in between every round of editing and I find it super helpful.

  2. I finished mine with a few weeks to go, but the manuscript still needs a lot of work. However, I am allowing it to develop as I work on a special surprise for my kids. I do hope to have it published, but seeing as the one I wrote last year still has not made it that far (final editing now) I know it will be awhile.

    I really am just thrilled that I was able to participate this year, and I am already looking forward to next year too.

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