Calling Indie Authors!


Hi fellow Indies! How’s it going? Are you getting frustrated with the amount of hats you’re wearing these days? *Sigh* I know the feeling!  I don’t think our readers or even some traditionally published authors know how much work we Indies put into the production and promotion of our work. It’s daunting and often doesn’t lead to the results that we are hoping for.

Have you given any thought to a middle man?  We all know how hard it is to find an agent and get published in the traditional sense and many of us are reluctant to give up the control we’re allowed when we self publish. I can get that, but there is a middle ground. Many small presses have popped up and are looking for Indie work to better polish and promote and get it the attention it rightfully deserves all while leaving the author with a good amount of say on how the final product appears.

So why am I telling you about this, other than just to be informative? Well, that would be because I was contacted by a friend of mine Mary Duke, fellow Indie author, who has a small press of her own: Xchyler Publishing. Knowing my passion for reading and the amount of Indie published books I consume, she asked me if I would be interested in being a talent scout of sorts (she dubs it an acquisitions scout, which has a much nicer ring to it and no, it’s not the same as an agent). It involves me reading recently self published books and passing along information about the stories that really catch my interest so that the press or I can approach them and see if they’d be interested in re-releasing the book through a small press (or if they have new material they want to shop).

Now you might be asking what’s the perk for someone who has already self published their work? Well, how about an amazing suite of editors, a marketing team and a graphic designer on hand?  For me, the marketing is the shiny bow on top of the brightly wrapped package.  Yes I have built my platform and have a good amount of followers but the constant promotion effort leaves me drained with often little to show for it. I love the idea of someone else, a whole team of someones, actively working to help promote me as well.  That’s not to say I’d stop doing it myself, but it would get more attention when I am busy working on other projects.

While they are relatively new, they have already released a great steampunk dragon anthology, Forged in Flame, which has been selling great.  It’s a great collection of stories, professionally presented with proper formatting and typesetting and one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve seen in a long time.  They also have several books that are releasing within the next couple of months and calls out for work for more anthologies.  This is not a company who is sitting on their laurels. They have authors and submissions they’re digging through looking for those great gems to polish up.

This is where you folks come in.  If you think you’d be a good match and have work that deserves to see a wider audience, get your story to me or check out Xchyler’s submission page! They currently focus on Steampunk and Paranormal stories but are definitely looking to branch out into other genres as well.

Do you think a small press is right for you?


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