Prepping for old school


Seeing as I’m directly in Hurricane Sandy’s path (huzzah) and will probably be without power for a good week or so, I guess I’m going to have to go old school with Nanowrimo starts on the first.  Can’t say I’m thrilled with that notion.

Yes I get it, lots of famous writers used pen and paper to craft their masterpieces, but it just doesn’t flow as well for me. My hand doesn’t more nearly as quick as my brain and I feel like I’m stuttering to get things down.  It definitely slows me down and interrupts my flow.  Of course then there’s the whole “I have to go back and read my messy handwriting and type it up” bit. More time wasted!

*Sigh* but what’s a girl without power to do? Let myself get that far behind? I could probably catch it up, but I hate being left at the gate while everyone else is flying down the track! My poor lame horse 😦

Good luck to everyone participating and if you’re in the storm path, be safe!


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