Oooh, Scary Reads!


I decided, since my favorite holiday is just around the corner (Yay Halloween!!) that I’d share some books and short stories for the season. I love a good creepy story that makes me go to bed with all the lights in the house on and a bat next to my bed! As a kid, I was obsessed–OBSESSED–with Stephen King novels and adult anthologies of horror stories. I remember this crazy short story about a jack-o-lantern and some kid knocking his eye out and another about a guy getting turned inside out. Both freaked me out immensely, but that’s what I was looking for!

I don’t actively seek them out as often anymore, but I can still enjoy a great suspenseful horror story. Here are a few you may enjoy as well! Don’t forget your flashlight and something to protect yourself!

A New Kind of High – MB Mulhall (hey, that’s me!) – Short story – FREE for all platforms over at Smashwords!

Near Death – MB Mulhall (*blush* maybe I shouldn’t be putting myself first?) – YA paranormal novel – on sale for $0.99 ’til the end of October on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Kobo.

Consumed by Love – Pavarti K Tyler – Short story – $0.99 on Amazon. (Written in classic horror style!)

Paranormal Days Gone Awry – anthology including author Karen Pokras Toczydlowski – $3.99 (free for Prime Members) on Amazon.

A Human Element – Donna Galanti – Paranormal suspense novel – $2.99 on Amazon.

Being Human – Patricia Lynne – Paranormal novel – on sale for $0.99 on Amazon.

Blood Type – Melissa Luznicky Garrett – Paranormal novel – $3.99 (free for Prime Members) on Amazon.

Abandon – Stephanie Dorman – Zombie suspense –  $2.99 on Amazon.

Consequences – Michelle Birbeck –  Short story – $0.99 on Amazon.

Deadly Descent – RG Porter – Zombie horror – $3.99 on Amazon.

Do you have favorite stories that will make people quake in the boots? What are your go to books when you need a good scare?


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