What Writing Looks Like


So I noticed last week that my writing buddy Patty was taking part in a blog hop called “What Writing Looks Like.” I thought, “What a great idea!”  I don’t think readers and beginning authors often realize how much goes into the writing process and the kinds of corrections and re-writes we have to do.

The Blog Hop is being hosted by Sarah from The Writer’s Experiment and I’m getting in on it on the last day! All one has to do is take some pictures of the red ink that gets scrawled on the pages of your manuscripts.  Be sure to check out some of the the other blogs that participated!

I decided to use one of my early beta copies of Tears of a Clown. My great friend Kristine did an amazingly thorough job going through it, making corrections, suggestions and funny comments. I kind of love her for it.  Let me show you how much work she made for me! Ha!

See all those little flags?

How about a closer look?

Eep! That’s a lot. Let me tell you, seeing all of those was very overwhelming.

This first page and the lovely little note about how much she enjoyed it helped put me at ease. Yes there was a lot of work to be done, but at least I knew the story was a good one.

Lots of handy little comments and notes.

Final product! A big difference with a shiny new cover and none of those pesky little flags!


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  1. That is a crap ton of little flags but it does illustrate a very good point that the first (even the second) draft is nothing like the final. Thanks for taking part in the blog hop, Mary Beth. 🙂

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