It’s almost NaNo time!


So here we are, mid October already. You’re probably drowning in pumpkin flavored everything (YUM!), getting costumes together and sitting down for bad horror movie marathons.  I love all of those things but they remind me that November is looming and what comes in November? NaNoWriMo of course!

In case you’re new to the whole writing thing or you’re a reader/blogger who has always wanted to write but needed that kick in the ass, let me explain it a little.





It’s a month where aspiring/indie/traditionally published authors strive to write 50k words of a story in the month of November.  There are kick off parties for your area, write ins, word challenges, gentle pushes and bitter name calling when you see your writing buddies are running laps around your word count. A good time is had by most!

I’m bringing it up now rather than November so people can start thinking about it and planning if they’re going to participate.  They ask that you start a new project (because you may be too attached to something you’re already working on) and NO editing is to be done until after November. Let me repeat that *NO* editing is to be done until after November.  This allows you to write and get the bulk (if not all) of the story out without stalling to re-write a chapter or eight.

I encourage everyone who has ever wanted to write a book to give it a try.  You’ll have great support and it’s a lot of fun. Last year I did a post everyday of the month relating to NaNo. Probably won’t do that this year but you guys are welcome to go back and look at the short daily posts. I named them the ABCs 123s of NaNo.

Take these couple of weeks before the 1st to think of an idea to work on. Do some research, make an outline, clip images that inspire you. Whatever you need to do to prepare.  Sign up on the site (click on NaNoWriMo above!) and check out the forms. Make friends, ask questions, check out what’s going on in your neighborhood.  I highly suggest making a Twitter account if you don’t have one so you can follow #nanowrimo and see who else is participating and participate in word challenges and whatnot.

Are you planning on doing NaNo this year? What will you be working on?


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! Being new to this “writer thing” I am excited about these wonderful opportunities for growth. Not sure if I am up for the challenge, but I will consider it. Thanks!

    • Mandy, if you do, know that I try to set up a local (Howell) write-in once or twice a week so if you were able to come and write with us, I’d nudge you along! 😀

  2. I’m definitely doing it! I’m ML for my region (Elsewhere :: Bahamas). Please join us! We need more people! Haha. We’ll be doing lots of live-on-twitter events. Word wars and such.
    My nano blog with tips on planning and writing:
    Twitter: @BahamasWrimos, and hashtag #NaNoWriMo242 for the events.
    It’s gonna be funnn! How much planning are you doing?

    • Awesome! I will definitely get it out. I don’t do a lot of planning. I’m more a pantser than a plotter. I have an idea and jotted some things down. We’ll see how it goes 😀

  3. Me a pantser but planning to plan.. How long have I got left? 😉

    I’ve got storylines ready and can’t chose which to do. If I wait till 1Nov it will be one that writes itself but I’d like to do some of the others so have started planning – I know, what’s that?

    Looking forward to seeing you nano-side..
    LynneInPborough is my nano name. I need buddied who keep 2k in front of me to keep me motivated and this year I’m going for 75k.. we’ll see. the anticipation’s mounting… will be joining the bahama’s too now on top of being part of the cambridge and chester groups!

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