Promo Galore!


Today is a bit of an unusual post for me.  I’m not usually one to use this space to blatantly push my books (yes, I do mention them on occasion and the links are there, but more it’s about the writing and publishing process than me saying “Buy! Buy! Buy!”) but the reason I’m doing this is because my stint with Amazon‘s KDP program comes to an end this month.  I had a couple of free days left and I figured I might as well use them all and treat my followers. Therefore, Near Death is *FREE* for the next 2 days (8/30-8/31).  If you’ve got a Kindle and haven’t picked it up yet, now’s the time! Just click the image below. (Come September, Near Death will be available again at Barnes & Noble and Kobo!)

Tears of a Clown is also on sale, for $2.99 (that’s 50% off!) until the end of August for both Kindle and Nook (click on the link for the file that fits your e-reader). If you’re looking for a good romantic comedy to read on the beach during the holiday weekend, pick up your copy before the 31st!

Last, but certainly not least,  I am *SUPER* excited to be featured today over at YA Promo Central! It’s a great place for exposure, advertising and building your platform. Please be sure to stop by (click the name!) and check out my interview with them.

Thanks everyone for all your support and enjoy the end of Summer!


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