Books about bullying


Seeing as the school year is starting up again, I thought I’d take the time to look up and discuss some books that deal with bullies. I am saddened every time I hear a story of a teen who has hurt themselves or even worse, taken their own lives, because others have been mean and cruel to them.  I think bullies have always existed in some form (and yes, there are most definitely the adult versions in life as well) but it seems to have just gotten disgustingly out of control with the help of the internet and social media.

I had the occasion person pick on me growing up (there are always those couple of folks who want to pick on the fat chick…) but I was involved in several things in school and had a fairly large and diverse group of friends. When I started really getting into writing Tears of a Clown*, when I decided it had the “chops” to be more than the joke it started out as, I knew bullying was going to play a major role in the story.  How could this new girl show up to a school looking *SO* different and there not be kids who don’t understand and therefore feel like they have to make fun of her?  I wanted her to be strong though. To stick up for others even though she’s having a hard time. To continue to be herself, even if people made fun. Was it easy for her? No. She does cry often (although when she’s alone) but she keeps on keeping on.  I hope maybe she can be an inspiration to someone who reads the story.

Bullying is serious business and I hope that my book, and others about the topic can help make a difference. Maybe they’ll make readers think twice before making fun of someone else. Maybe it’ll help another have the strength to get through their ordeal. Maybe it will just help to know other people are going through similar situations, even if they are fictional characters.

Here are some books that have bullying themes.  I picked books that I’ve personally read (click the image to get more info on the novel).

Have you read any books on bulling you can share with us?

*Tears of a Clown is currently on sale at 50% off. Pick it up for a teen in your life or for an end of summer beach read!



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