Sneak peeks, are they worth it?


As I’m putting the final touches on Tears of a Clown, I realized “HEY! I could use this book to help me sell the other!” I’m not talking a 2 for 1 deal, but about leaving a teaser, or a sneak peek , of Near Death at the end of the book. You know, you get to the end of the story and realize, “Oh! There are a bunch of pages left here. I wonder what’s on them?”

I did a little informal poll of friends and Twitter folks to see if they actually read those pages and if it leads them to buy that book.  I got a bunch of different responses ranging from ” I get annoyed with the small part of the next book because I can’t continue and the new one isn’t always available right away” to ” I do almost always read them, and get very excited for the next one.”  Personally, I read them on occasion. My issue with them is that I get annoyed if I do purchase the book and then have to skip a bunch of pages trying to find where the excerpt left off. Most of the time they seem to be an entire chapter so I could just skip ahead, but then I’m worried that maybe I’ll miss something the author put in before publication or something like that. While I did get a couple more who don’t seem to enjoy reading those extra pages, the majority of the folks said that they do and that it does prompt them to buy that book which, obviously, is a good thing for us authors who have more than one book out there.

I decided that I’d leave it up to the reader if they wanted to check out those few pages or not. If it’s got the possibility of sending more sales my way and it’s not going to cost me more to do it, how can I not? For those who don’t like to read the tease, please click forward so you can rate the book at least (if you’re on a digital reader that is) and for those who like that sneak peek, enjoy!


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  1. IF it’s a series then I would sau defintely a good idea. You might have left the reader on a bit of a cliffhanger and you have the chance to nearly but not quite answer that cliffhanger. If they’ve enjoyed the first then surely they’ll go for the second.

  2. I think it’s great! I love when I can read even a little bit of what’s next. The last author I remember doing that was Emily Giffin, and I totally got hooked on the little series. I think it’s worth it. Those who aren’t interested can just skip it.

  3. True. I figured it’s just as easy for those who don’t like it to skip it where as it may turn someone else onto a new book 😛

  4. I think choosing the right size for the excerpt is pretty crucial too. I was recently talking to an author who got a one star review of a book because he’d included a large excerpt at the end.

    • I agree that is important but really? A reviewer leaving 1 star for an extra at the end? That’s hardly fair. I wouldn’t want that person reviewing my stuff…

  5. I think they are very effective in two cases: when the “peek” is for a sequel to the current book, or your voice is so irresistible that the readers want *more*. While we would all like to be in the latter category, the former might be easier to arrange.

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