5th and Final Free Day – KDP Followup


As of the 3rd, my KDP enrollment was due to be up, so I decided to use my last free day on June 1st so I could put any sales into the month of June.  If you remember, my 4th free day (which took place in May) was a total bust not netting a single sale and giving away less than 200 copies. I was bummed but I decided I wanted to use all my days regardless.

I advertised my free day on the same sites and hoped for the best. The day started slow with less than 100 downloads. I went to bed figuring that would be it. When I woke up the following morning I saw that there had been almost 700 other downloads in addition to the first 100. Yay! I’m not sure, but I figure it must have hit one of the sites later in the day.  I swear those sites are a lifesaver because they have such a larger reach than I do on my own.

The day after the free event was a bust like last time. Not a single sale. I figured the luck I had had with prior free days was gone with the new ways KDP is conducting things but Sunday proved me wrong with about 50 sales. Not too shabby!

All in all, in the 3 month time span, I gave away roughly the following:

US: 7,300

UK: 135

Europe: 10


US sales (the only one worth mentioning) was a couple hundred books.  My UK/Europe sales are practically nonexistent.

So while the sale numbers aren’t staggering, it was a HUGE jump from what it had been before and the exposure was excellent, in the states anyhow. I’m glad I gave the venture a chance.

My thoughts for moving on? Free days should be grouped today, perhaps in two to three day groups. The reasoning behind this is because 3 months isn’t that long a period of time. I think my last two free days didn’t do as well because they didn’t hit those pages I sent them into either because they had already been recently featured or because there were so many other requests mine just didn’t get chosen. I think by having a 2 or 3 day event every other month rather than 2 free days spaced out in a month, you’re more likely to be featured.

I think I also need to find a way to better promote myself outside of the US. I’ve been chatting with more UK book bloggers and writers so I will have to see if they have recommendations that could help.

Lastly, it’s important for you to know when your KDP contract ends. Mine ended on June 3rd and when I just went to check it, I found they automatically re-enroll you in the program. You only have a couple days to cancel before you’re stuck for another 3 months. Do yourself a favor and set up an alarm on Google calenders or your phone so you are reminded when it ends in case you don’t want to stay involved in the program.

I hope my followups have been educational and helpful to you all. Since I’m going in for another round, if something new happens worth talking about, I’ll be sure to post about it!



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  1. Suppposedly, it also helps if you have more than one book listed with amazon because you tend to see more sales on your other books during those free days. I opted not to re-enroll since I wasn’t seeing staggering numbers like everyone else was and my rankings were too low for me to justify having all my eggs in one basket. Maybe in the future I will try it again but for now I’m putting all my books back on smashwords and nook as well as having them on kindle or on Amazon – Good luck with your second round – E 🙂

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of Finally Home, a middle grade/YA paranormal mystery

  2. I have heard that about multiple books as well. I was supposed to be publishing another book this month but it’s been pushed back a bit so we’ll see if that’s true later.

    I think it’s good to give other things a try. Smashwords and Nook weren’t doing anything for me so Amazon ended up being the best bet but as my name goes I’ll definitely look to give them a try again. The print version of my book is available on B&N if someone really wants it 😛

    • Not if you are using createspace to publish your books. About March or April, the news was B&N wouldn’t carry print books printed by amazon any more. Personally it doesn’t matter to me either way since I’m not making any sales from any of my books or short stories other than at live, in-person events. I do okay although I’d love to see a few hundred sales of anything at any given time but I don’t see that happening and it’s not like I’m not promoting and advertising and doing everything I can to get known. I’m even running a 50-day giveaway blitz right now (in honor of my 50th b-day) and I’m not seeing the comments really needed to make a giveaway like this worth it. Grant it I’m only in day 2 of the giveaway blitz, but yesterday I was giving 10 crocheted bookworms, and only had 3 people comment with the answer to the question. Today, I’m giving away a signed copy of my middle grade/YA paranormal mystery and I’ve had no (zero, zip, nada, zilch) comments so far and it’s almost midnight my time. It’s disheartening to try to give things away and have no takers. I leave comments on tons of other blogs and forums and no one comes and visits my blog nor do they comment – so who knows what it will take to get the followers. All I can say is that the KDP select really didn’t work well for me when I put my three short stories in there and not my novel. Even with the free day offerings, i got very few sales on the stories that weren’t free. When you find the magic combinationn of things to do, please pass it on so I can try it and see if it affords me a break and things start turning around. – E 🙂

      Elysabeth Eldering
      Author of Finally Home, a middle grade/YA paranormal mystery

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