Why ya trollin’?


I love to read. We all know this. I also love to see others reading. Honest. It gives me joy to see someone’s nose in a book or a Kindle or whatever reading device you’re using these days. They’re educating themselves, using their imagination, escaping into a written world.

What I *HATE* to see, is people online and other places making fun of what others are reading.

You’re too high and mighty to read Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey?  Fine and dandy. I get it. Not everyone will enjoy the same things. Understandable, but what gives you the right to make fun of others for what they like and enjoy? I also hate that people seem to think you’re uneducated, a simpleton, if you read those kinds of books and enjoy them. *NEWS FLASH* Some of us like an easier read because we don’t need more stress in our lives. We don’t want books to put us to sleep. We don’t always want to have to read slowly for those secret hidden meanings in literary fiction.

I have an undergrad degree in Comparative Literature and Languages. I could debate the influence of Russian Lit on modern Japanese Lit with you (umm after some brushing up probably! Hah) and I could point out some of my favorite Faustian themed stories and that’s cool and I enjoyed a lot of that, but my brain often hurt from trying to dissect those kinds of books. When I graduated, I spent a summer delving into Chick Lit and enjoying the easy, fun and more relatable plots. Do I think the writing trumps, say, Anna Karenina (which I just see is going to be a remake movie out this year? Awwwwesome!)?  No, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad literature or poorly written. It’s just written more for the masses than the intellectuals/upper crust.

Please don’t judge people on their reading choices. Please also remember that they don’t necessarily reflect someone’s education level. They read want they want because it obviously interests them in someway and there’s no shame in that.  I would much rather see someone reading, regardless of whether it’s Harry Potter, Mein Kampf, or The Da Vinci Code then watching some mindless reality TV*.

Also, if you come upon those who are poking fun and being obnoxious, just ignore them. Feeding the trolls only makes them nastier and quite frankly, you don’t need to explain yourself nor defend your choice of reading material.


*Reality TV has its place too, so please don’t take that comment as a diss. I watch some myself at times!


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  1. I admit, I’m guilty of poking fun at other’s reading choices. But I think we all are at some point. You see someone reading something that you didn’t care for and the gut reaction is to go Why are they reading that?!?!?!?!?!

    • Well there’s a difference between expressing an opinion and badgering someone. These are people who are all “UGH you read Twilight? You must be a stupid uneducated idiot who can’t read pasted a 4th grade level” They go on and on about how horrible a person you must be because you like something they don’t. Know what I mean?

  2. Everyone’s definitely allowed their opinion, but my gut reaction to this article was the same as Imelda’s, “Amen to that!” Just leave be. I’ve taught high school students that would only read smut! Did I stop them? NO. They were reading! Now did I wish they would choose something different, yes, but they were reading! So to each his own and leave be. 😉

    • Smut has its time and place! hahah Who knows, when they grow up a little more they’ll probably move onto something else, but even if they don’t, yay for still reading! 😀

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