Coming Soon!


Today I’m super excited to be helping my writing partner in crime, Patricia Lynne, debut the cover and blurb for her upcoming release, Snapshots.

Firstly, let’s check out the cover, shall we?

Pretty, isn’t it? I love black and that electric lime green together. I think it’s very eye catching. It doesn’t hurt that the model is quite lovely to look at as well! *waves* Hi Cyc! You can look into my future anytime. Call me!

So if the cover alone isn’t enough to wet your curiosity whistle, how about the blurb?

My name is Cyclop Blaine and I am a real person.
         “You are mine.”
I am a real person: heedless of a childhood spent under the supervision of an old man I only know as Master.

         “You belong to me.”
I am a real person: regardless of my teenage years bound by violence as the adoptive son of the Victory Street Gang’s leader.

         “You will obey me.”
I am a real person: despite the visions I see in others’ eyes. Snapshots of their futures.

         “You will cower before me.”
I am a real person: my life will be my own. I belong to no one.

        “You. Are. MINE.”

I’ve got to tell you, even if I hadn’t  read half the book already, the blurb would definitely interest me and it would go on my “to-read” list. Speaking of “to-read” lists, you should definitely pop over to Goodreads and add it to yours. I made it easy for you. Scroll up a little and  just click on the title, Snapshots, at the beginning of the post and *BAM* there you are!

Snapshots is due out mid-July but while you’re waiting (and I know it’s agonizing to have to wait) you can check out her other awesome novel, Begin HumanYes it’s a vampire story, but trust me, it’s not your typical vamp tale.

Connect with Patricia in the places below, but be warned, should you dislike Green Day or Mt. Dew, you may want to keep that information to yourself!

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