Do books start trends?


All you need to do is turn on one of those entertainment news TV shows or browse celebrity news websites to see how actors and musicians are starting and setting trends. Fashion magazines will show you how to dress like your favorite celebs and what products they use, what they’re eating, etc. Music and movies (and television) are important parts of trend setting, but what about books? Do they start trends? You bet your bippy they do!

Let’s look at some examples:

Hunger Games: inspired fashion trends and a nail polish line (while yes this is a movie, many people read the books as well). Also it inspired some kind of new workout at gyms.

Harry Potter: Perhaps not a trend (short of maybe scarf wearing?) but a “real” sport (real depending on who you ask I suppose) came out of the books as people have made and play their own versions of Quidditch, which is really pretty freakin’ cool when you think about it.

Twilight: I’m not sure how popular it is here in the states but I have heard that the book series, along with several other popular vampire based books have started a tooth sharpening trend with people asking to have their teeth filed to look like fangs or they get caps that  can be permanent or removable. Can’t say it’s a trend I want to take part in, but to each their own.   Also, there’s a horrible trend of bad Twilight tattoos

Comic books have long been causing trends from tattoos to Halloween costumes to cosplay (check out these awesome cosplayers!)

I’m sure there are other instances and I think as people read more, we’ll see more things popping up. Heck, maybe we’ll see a trend of BDSM clubs opening thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey…although, those things are kind of kept on the down-low, so who really knows if the non-goers will notice such a thing? Heh.

What other trends have you spotted coming from books? What do you think we might see in the future, thanks to best sellers?


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