A winner am I!


So the month of April has flown by and there was much procrastination, but I have prevailed and pulled up my bootstraps for the final push today (well, yesterday by the time this posts) to hit 100 pages of my script, Resolution.  Let me tell you, it was not easy to get into a screenplay mind frame. I had to make sure I stayed away from those pesky inner monologues and had to be sure to describe the scenes and what everyone was wearing. I know I didn’t do as well describing things as I should have. When the story is finally done (it’s just about there, hitting the climax/resolution now and then the wrap up stuff) I know I will have to go back and do a lot of adding so that the reader really sees the picture the shot would paint. I wanted to say Oooh just leave it up to the set dresser (HA! As if it’ll ever be made into a real film) but I guess they need some guidelines to go by.

Script Frenzy was a different animal than NaNoWriMo. While there was definitely a community, it just wasn’t as hyped as NaNo and I didn’t feel like I wanted to get as involved. No write-ins (physical anyhow), no really local folks to meet with it seemed. I don’t know if it’s just because I was new to the Frenzy or if I just felt like doing things on my own. Maybe it was lack of others doing it with me (next year you join me, Mike and Sasha! :D).

Now that I’ve got one screenplay under my belt (well, almost), will I be doing more? I just don’t know. It was definitely an interesting exercise that I think will help my writing in the long run. I may give it another run next year depending on where other projects are (there’s always something simmering in some stage of completion).

All and all, it was fun to try and I certainly don’t regret it and am happy to have given it a try. I’m interested enough to want to finish it and pass it along to see if it is any good or compete garbage! Heh

Congratulations to all other winning participants! Those who didn’t make it, there’s always next year!



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