KDP Free Days -2nd month 2nd run


I thought I’d do a little follow up for those who are wondering about Amazon‘s KDP program after the initial free days.

So you guys know, I’m into my second month of being a part of the KDP program.  When I first did my free days, I did two days together over a weekend and gave away over 4,500 books. In the four weeks following the free days, I had pretty decent sales (and quite a few returns). We’re not talking crazy numbers, but more than I had ever sold in a month and almost more  than my total amount sold ever. So that was pretty exciting!

I noticed by the end of the month, my ranking had been slipping and the sales were further and further apart. With three free days left, I decided I wanted to space them out throughout the rest of my days with the KDP program.  This time around, I picked one day during the week, a Thursday actually because I felt like people get paid on Fridays and after the book got noticed for the free day, people might be more willing to buy. No science or stats behind that, just an idea I had. In that one free day, I gave away another 1,720 books or so.  That is in the US. Another 20 or so in total with the other European Amazon sites. Not too shabby.

I was excited to see there were still people out there with interest but I wasn’t sure how it was going to sell. Thankfully, people wanted to buy! In one week since my (technically) third free day, I’ve sold as many books as I did in the whole month after my weekend giveaway and have had very few returns so far. Yippie!

Seeing what has happened and knowing I have two days left, I will definitely look to spread them out and use the last of them when things start slowing down again. Don’t be scared to change up the days of the week to see how many different people you hit and don’t forget to advertise your free days on places like Pixels of Ink and Authors on the Cheap and  Ereader News Today. They are essential in helping you spread the word without spamming your Twitter or Facebook followers.  That’s not to say you can’t use Twitter and Facebook, but use it sparingly if you are featured on one of the other sites.

Everyone won’t have the same kind of experience, but hopefully seeing mine will help you make the decision on whether or not the KDP program is right for you.  When my 90 day contract is up, I will follow up a final time and let you all know what my final thoughts on the program are.


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  1. My experience was totally different. I can’t seem to give away my books – My last free days (last weekend – the 31st of March and 1st of April), I had about 600 something total free downloads and since then have garnered only less than 10 sales on that particular story and 1 sale on a different story. I have three short stories all in the KDP program and my YA novel not in the program but I’m not getting any sales on anything right now. I don’t know what the secret is for getting four or five thousand downloads at a time or to even get sales afterwards, but I’m not staying in the program and will put my short stories back up on Nook and smashwords next month when they all come out of the KDP program.

    Congrats on your great numbers. I did download it when it ran for free recently (don’t remember when it was – lol) but haven’t had a chance to read it since I’ve not done much reading at all. Good luck with the remaining days. – E 😉

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of Finally Home, a YA paranormal mystery
    “the Proposal” (an April Fools Day story), a humorous romance ebook
    “The Tulip Kiss”, a paranormal romance ebook
    “Bride-and-Seek”, a pararnormal romance ebook

    • Thanks Elysabeth (by the way, I *love* the spelling of your name!). Honestly I’m not sure what peeks the high numbers. I don’t know if it’s just luck and having one of those sites pick up my free days or what. Sometimes it just seems like a game of roulette ya know?

      Best of luck with your stuff! I’m sure it will pick up! 🙂

      • Thanks on the compliment of the spelling of my name – lol. I would love to legally change it to this spelling but just filing the paperwork to have the spelling changed is almost $200 and I’m not making enough from my books to support me and have that done yet – lol.

        I’ve seen several folks who have said they had high downloads and then huge sales after they offered the books for free so really don’t know if it is a luck of the draw, name recognition or what. I hope it’s not my covers turning sales away, but from the comments I’ve had on my covers, that doesn’t seem like it. Considering my stories have placed in various contests, I don’t think it’s my writing that is turning folks away, so I’m at a loss. Something really needs to turn around soon or I may have to give up writing and just stick with my day job (which I’m ready to give up right now and would love to travel for my writing). I belong to Sisters in Crime and I just saw on the forum postings from yesterday that a bunch of folks in the program are offering their books for free this Friday. I’m thinking of just putting all three stories up Friday for free and see what happens. It can’t hurt and I’ll be out of the program in a few weeks anyway – lol.

        Back to the grindstone – keep up the good work – E 🙂

        Elysabeth Eldering
        Author of Finally Home, a YA paranormal mystery
        “The Proposal” (an April Fools Day story), a humorous romance ebook
        “The Tulip Kiss”, a paranormal romance ebook
        “Bride-and-Seek”, a paranormal romance ebook

  2. Hi,

    Congrats on your success! It must be a great read! I published a book of poetry, Poems by a Horny Small-Town Gal through KDP 1 month ago. I was stoked at giving away just 108 on 2 free days. Now I see here that 108 isn’t really considered successful (but hey–108 more people have read my poetry!) I’ve sold 7 books. It has been difficult to know how to advertise but your suggestions about Pixels of Ink, etc. have really helped–thanks–I’ll go that route. Best of luck to the other e-book authors out there, always interested to know how things are going for other folks. If you have the time, and enjoy reading poetry, check out my blog!

    • Thanks 😀 Glad the suggestions I posted are helpful to others. I find poetry seems to be a tough sell and honestly it’s not much my thing, although I do love the books by Lisa Schroeder who writes in free verse. It might be something for you to think about. If you amass a fan base with that, they may be more interested in reading your individual poems. Might not be your thing, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to mention it since it seems to be a growing trend.

      Best of luck with it all!

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