Script Frenzy


Since I discussed procrastinating on Tuesday, I figured I’d let you guys know I’m totally procrastinating on finishing the rough draft of Near Death‘s sequel, Staying Alive.  How am I doing it? I’m taking a month off to write a script!

“A script?” you say.

“A script,” I reply.

“What the hell for?” you ask.

“Because I can,” I say.

Script Frenzy is April’s version of NaNoWriMo. It’s a 30 day challenge to write one hundred pages of a script for TV, theatre, webcast, graphic novel, etc.  While I don’t really have any plans of turning my script into a short film, I think it’s good to spread my wings and stretch my boundaries. Certain things I know I wouldn’t be good at writing, like poetry, but  I think I could pull out a decent script. I recently made a friend who is involved in film and whatnot, so who knows, maybe we can work on making something of it if it comes out good. I also have another friend in the industry who would probably give it a look and tell me if they think I have any talent for it.

I’ve been reading scripts and seeing how they differ from novel writing, and I think I can do it. I’m excited to give it a try and hopefully it’ll get the creative juices (which is always kind of a gross term to me for some reason…) going again so after I can finish the other novel. Here’s to hoping!

Anyone else going to give it a try? It’s not to late to sign up and give it a go!


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  1. Very cool! I would give it a try if April wasn’t going to be a crazy month for me. The organization I work for is planning an event for April 14, and it’s on a different island. There will be 800 people to deal with, and there are 6 of us. Yeah… Fun. No script frenzy for me this year. Maybe next year, if I have a different job.

    Have fun with it! 🙂

    • Yes, I can see that you might be busy with all that! 😀 I would probably prefer going to a different island, but dealing with the 800 people? No thanks! 😀

      Good luck with it though!

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