A picture’s worth a thousand words


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and as a writer, you should be pretty quick to agree with that statement, but how many of you ever use pictures to help your writing?

When I’m not banging out words, I am often taking pictures. I love the colors captured, the textures, the “feeling” or mood of the shot. These are all things that can be translated into my writing when I look back at the image. Now I admit, I don’t look back at them all that often when I’m sitting down to write unless I’m stuck and really trying to work out a description. Still, even without looking, I can think back and remember little details to add, like the veins on a leaf, the waxy shiny texture of the top as compared to the dull flatness of the underside.  It makes for a more realistic, more vivid picture in the reader’s mind.

Challenge yourself. Take a picture (the one above or link one in your response) and write at least a paragraph worth of description on it. Really look close at the image. Imagine you were describing it to someone over the phone or in a letter. Make it so they can see it in their mind’s eye.  Post it here (along with the image or if you’re using the one I’ve posted, say so) and I’ll randomly pick a contestant who will win an ARC copy of Tears of a Clown  (which I admit is NOT ready yet, but should be shortly, so you’ll get a surprise in the mail at some point! ^_^). I’ll leave the contest open until the end of the week, Sunday March 25th, 8pm EST.

I’ll post my own attempt so you have an idea of what I’m looking for:

Framed by a series of branches, one budding bloom stands apart from the rest. Like an explosion, the slender white petals erupt. Still caught in the shadows of the mid-morning sun, there are only a few that the sun’s rays hit. Those few are blinding white against the lapis lazuli colored background of the cloudless sky. A couple of the reaching petals curl, as if the weight of the world bends them. The gray-green of their former prison is covered with silky cream colored hairs that would tickle the touch. Many of its neighboring brethren have yet to join in the escape from their pod captives, but it’s only a matter of time until they join in the celebration of the Spring sun.


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