Book Review: The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies


Title: The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies
Author: Lynn Messina
Genre: Adult paranormal/Chick Lit

Amazon Synopsis:

Hattie Cross knows what you’re thinking: Zombie sex? Ewwwww. But she also knows that since a virus turned 99.9999 percent of human males into zombies, it’s statistically impossible to meet—let alone date—the remaining 0.00001 percent. So she writes “The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies” to help her fellow single women navigate the zombie-relationship waters.

Her practical how-to impresses the CEO of the largest drug company in the world, and before she knows it, Hattie, a reporter for a downmarket tabloid that specializes in conspiracy theories, is sitting down with the woman who single-handedly invented the zombie-behavioral-modification market. Granted access to the inner sanctum of zombaceuticals, she meets an actual, living, breathing M-A-N.

Now Hattie, the consummate professional, is acting like a single girl at the end of the twentieth century: self-conscious, klutzy and unable to form a coherent sentence without babbling. Worst of all, the human male appears to have impaired her ability to think clearly. Because all of a sudden she’s convinced a conspiracy is afoot at the drug company and it seems to go all the way to the top!

Personal Reaction:

What a fun book! I love how chapters of the Guide were mixed into the story itself. There are a lot of zombie books out there right now and this is a nice humorous twist on our favorite brain eating, foot dragging, reanimated humans.

Know why you should pick up this book (besides the interesting plot, the humor and the good writing)? You should pick it up for the zombie sex. Yes, I said sex. S-E-X. With zombies. Zombies who are missing limbs. Zombies who might loose a finger during fornication. Zombies on….Viagra! Come on now. Comedy gold! You know you want to read about it!


Q) Is The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies the first novel you’ve written?

Ha! The Girls’ Guide is, like, the 17th novel I’ve written. It’s the sixth I’ve published.

Q) Was there a lot of research involved in getting this work completed or was it off the cuff, pantser style?
Total off the cuff. Every so often I’d google zombie stuff but for the most part I just made it up as I went along.

Q) I *LOVE* that the website referred to in the book, , is a real thing and it’s chock full of info. What prompted you to make the site to go along with the book?
That was complete dumb luck. In the original MS, I referred several times to Then, just as I was about to send the manuscript to the formatter, I changed it to the blog I’d started for the book. I had NO IDEA that it would link up electronically. When I clicked on it in the Kindle app and it went straight to the website, I was blown away. You should try clicking on the Potatoworks link. It takes you to a reading guide with tongue-in-cheek questions.

Q) Tell us the truth, was it liberating in any way to write a story where women hold all the worldly power?
Too liberating. I went off on a lot of tangent about how great things were, which I cut because, well, they were tangents.

Q) Would you be like your heroine, Hattie, and date zombies and make the best out the situation, were it to come to that?
Nope. Pretty sure I wouldn’t. But then, I’m no heroine.

Q) Are you a zombie lover? Fan of other books and movies? Which ones?
I’m not a zombie lover. I don’t like tense, scary or gross. (I couldn’t make it past the first episode of Walking Dead.) But I love funny and absurd, like Shaun of the Dead.
(Ed. Note: LOOOOOVE Shaun of the Dead! Walking Dead too, but I can totally see the difference between the two and why you wouldn’t be into the one)

Q) Big question: Which is better, the fast or the slow zombie? (Ed. Note: Meh fast zombies!)
I think anything that lumbers is terrifying.
(Ed. Note: I so agree!)

Q) Ever participated in a Zombie walk (Ed. Note: If not, let me tell you, they are chock full of fun and you should definitely give it a try if you can!)
I’ve never zombie-walked. Like I said, I find anything that lumbers terrifying = )
(Ed. Note: a fun way to get over your fear when you get to be one though! You ever find yourself in Jersey around Halloween, you call me. I’ll zombie you up & we’ll walk!)

Q) What can we expect next from you?
Wow. Where to start? My agent is still shopping around a middle-grade book about robots that I wrote a couple of years ago and she’s talking to an epublisher about a novel I wrote about my never-ending movie option. (Going on year nine.) I have a plot in mind based on a Victorian novel I recently read. And then there’s the possibility of a sequel to Girls’ Guide. It hadn’t occured to me but several people have asked about one now.

Q) Where can fans connect with you and purchase The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies?
They can connect with me on my blog, or my website, I’m on goodreads, twitter, facebook. They can get the book at Amazon or BN.

Q) Lastly, just for fun, if The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies was turned into a smash Broadway musical, what would be big number be called?
That is the best question ever: Zombie-rama-roo.

Novel Publicity Blog Tour Notes:

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Check out this amazing book trailer!

Lynn Messina is the author of six novels, including Little Vampire Women andFashionistas, which has been translated into 15 languages and is in development as a feature film. She attended Washington University in St. Louis where she studied English Literature. Her writing has also appeared in Self and Modern Bride, among other publications. She lives in New York City with her husband and sons. Connect with Lynn on her website,blog,Twitter or GoodReads.
Join us for a live twitterview with the author on Saturday, March 10th at 4 PM EST. Search #emlyn on Twitter, and bring your questions for this lively chat.

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    • Most definitely! I’ve done it every year for the past 3 years or so. I was even a part of a Guinness World Book record for most zombies in one place! heh Good times!

  1. CanI just say again how much I love that Broadway musical question? It’s honestly the most original Q I’ve ever gotten. And, best of all, I can now totally see the entire number. The lyrics practically write themselves. When I’m nominated for a Tony, I’m totally taking you as my date.

    Thanks for a great review and for hosting the Girls’ Guide!


    • Quite welcome! I loved the book. I find there’s not a lot of humor out there in books these days. Everything seems so serious and angst-y (and I’m guilty of that kind of writing as well) and I really enjoy a book that can make me laugh 😀

      Yay! I’ve always wanted to go to the Tonys!

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