Things I love: Strong realistic characters


Being that this silly month is all hearts and flowers and blah blah romance, I decided many of my blog posts for February will be about things I love, related to books and writing that is.

As part of my blog tour going on this month, I was asked to write a post about my favorite books and how they inspired me (hard!) and I got to the point where I started discussing aspects I love rather than titles (so much easier) and one of the things I really love is a strong realistic character, especially when that character is female.

Now when I say strong, I don’t necessarily mean physical strength (although that can be nice). I mean more mentally and emotionally. I’m not a fan of the pushover (even if I can be one  at times).  Let me clarify myself though. When I say I want a strong emotional character, that does NOT mean emotionless!  I’m down with a character who can kick some ass but still shed a tear or two if they see someone hurting a puppy. I think it’s unrealistic that a character would show no emotion except maybe determination.  If you want your characters to be believable, three dimensional and realistic, then make sure they show a range of emotions. Maybe they don’t want to ruin their macho, tough as nails exterior they’ve got to show to their companions or villains, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see their mask crack and crumble when they’re alone or no one’s looking.

I love a character with a strong send of self and an agenda in life. I love it when they say they won’t become the stereotypical ditzy girl who plays games in order to catch a guy and they stick to that. Yes, yes, love can change a girl, but that doesn’t mean she has to totally change herself to suit him(or her) and dump all their friends, etc.  I guess I just like it when characters stay true to themselves because that’s how I am and how I like others to be.

So give me your strong realistic protagonists, people. I want to come to love them, just like you do.


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  1. I love strong female characters – even though I don’t always have strong female characters in my writing. lol! There’s just something about a girl who isn’t afraid to stand up in a book that makes me cheer. But what’s even better is when a character starts out weak and grows and become so strong. I love stories w/ that.

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